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damascus px6 tactical riot suit

Damascus Px6 Tactical Riot Suit

Brand: Damascus
Part/Item Number: PX6

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The Phenom 6® PX6 Tactical Riot Suit is by far the most versatile crowd control gear available today. Its design, function, styling and fit are the result of the individuals behind it (literally): 20+ years of protective gear design and manufacturing experience + an equal amount of documented in field use analysis has been the driving force behind what is truly, “the latest and greatest” of its kind.


When thoughtfully designing our new riot suit we determined the previously unaddressed need for much greater flexibility of use for the wearer. Specifically, the need for the suit to take multiple forms/variations in different on-scene environments. Therefore, the suit provides increased mobility for extended deployment, and enhanced level of protection from high-threat environments such as civil disturbance, mass demonstrations, etc.

Having a multitude of actual requirements in mind we created the PX6 Tactical Riot Upper Body Unit with a removable Impact Dispersal Plate that has the highest grade blunt force protection as well as doubling as a tactical vest which allows the addition of a rifle plate in front or back, and mounting your gear using an external MOLLE system. The versatility of this modular suit is unmatched as it can be configured in such a variety of ways. Each component can be worn together or individually paired with other products.

The outer material of the suit uses a fire-resistant knit fabric protecting the users from flash fires and Molotov cocktails. The inner fabric uses an Absortek II® fabric technology which helps wick away perspiration keeping the user drier in high temperature and/or extended deployment. The vest uses an integrated waist cummerbund system that can be easily adjusted to various torsos for comfort, support and fit. The adjustable shoulder straps accommodate multiple torso lengths as well.

Lighter weight but with greater impact absorption for all critical areas of your body.

Ease of on and off wear.

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