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firstspear joker multicam chest rig 1


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Integrating some of the most desirable features for Tropical Warfare Operations into a load carriage platform FirstSpear has teamed with professional users to bring you the JOKER. Utilizing the best in lightweight resilient materials and advanced construction techniques the JOKER works well with the MIKE Force Pack (MFP) to give freedom of movement and comfort. The JOKER will accept the FS SSV In-the-Belt Holster on either the left or right side as well as accessory pockets from the Ragnar Line in the inside front pockets. Advanced foam integration not only provides comfort for the wearer while transporting a fire load but also provides neutral buoyancy to help offset the load during a water crossing.

This Platform is 6/9 and MOLLE compatible. Securing the JOKER is easy with the Tubes closure system. It also is minimal in water absorption. On each shoulder strap, the JOKER has a Side Release Buckle. When activated it will drop the length of the shoulders overall to a preset position selected by the User. This will allow the JOKER to be pulled up through an existing parachute harness and worn for airborne operations. Upon clearing the parachute harness the User need only secure the 2  buckles and the JOKER is ready to head back out on the X!

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