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tencate targa light cx 400 tl

TenCate Targa-Light CX-400 TL (briefcase)

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TenCate Targa-light™ CX-400 TL (briefcase) is a high-performance shield made with composites of high-grade ceramics, silicon carbide or boron carbide and a range of different fibre materials, including aramids and high-performance polyethylene. It is a lightweight solution and should be chosen when weight is the prime consideration. It is the choice that combines highest ballistic protection with maximum comfort. It also provides protection against both lead core and armour-piercing ammunition.

Product familyTarga-light
Protection against7.62×39 PS BALL (MSC)
7.62×51 M80 (NIJ III)
Protection standardNIJ level III + 
ShapeBallistic shield 
Weight9.500 kg / 20.94 lb

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