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Why We Started a Police Supply Tactical Company

Some history about Falcon Company Tactical and where we started as a police supply and tactical gear supplier.

In 2018, we started Falcon Company Tactical. I felt like our region did not have a store that knew anything about tactical equipment, and I couldn’t order most things in one place. Especially quality equipment that was specialized for military and law enforcement. Two years prior, I had tragically lost a co-worker during a domestic call, and this was a huge wakeup for my family and our law enforcement community. I wanted to research what tactical equipment worked best, protected us the most, and fit into different individual and agency budgets. Although I couldn’t move like the 20-year-old guys anymore, I had over 20 years of experience with tactical operations and gear and wanted to better prepare officers for whatever dangerous situations they could potentially encounter.

My wife had worked 15 years in the corporate world and sacrificed a lot of time away from the family to get us in a position where she could quit the rat race and regroup. She originally planned to take 6 months off and then find another job she could tolerate. By that fall, we started taking small business classes on how to start your own business with the general idea that we wanted to help supply first responders and law enforcement. When we began to formulate our business plan and explore our strengths, we knew quickly that she’s a numbers nerd and I’m a gear junkie, so we started from there. We had this overriding drive that first responders and their agencies needed more help in the arena of tactical gear and PPE.

We knew from experience about the traveling salespeople who represented one or two tactical brands. You would call or email for a quote for your department, only to never hear from them again, or they don’t get back to you for several weeks. Then when it came to shipping, maybe they would let you know if the gear was back-ordered, but mostly you were chasing down lead times with little success. Good luck on getting questions answered after you got the equipment too. It’s the whole “people don’t take pride in their work anymore” scenario that drove us to create a respectable company and do better than what we have experienced.

This venture would not be easy because the competition is ruthless and sometimes sketchy in this industry, but we knew we had the knowledge, passion, and relationships to get moving in the right direction. Our company was very blessed to get several direct manufacturer relationships incredibly early on. We knew those companies were taking a risk by working with a startup, but we are so thankful they did! Now we carry over 500 brands and are growing. Falcon Company’s biggest strength is our integrity and drive to help, and our customers see that. It makes me so proud to say that our company has served our U.S. military to our smallest law enforcement agencies. Even though we are a small company ourselves, we have always set aside a percentage of our profits to donate to causes we believe in such as, helping veterans or just doing something small for our local law enforcement agencies to say thanks. We see you all working hard out there!

We hope that we continue to do this for many more years, building relationships with more customers that are ready to see what it’s like when a company takes pride in what they do. Falcon Company is here to help, paying attention to details and providing the best gear and service along the way.

Success Story – Falcon Company Tactical

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